Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Where am I now?

I'm currently home in Somerset, England and will be moving back to London next week to begin my final year of studying for my University degree in Anthropology! I'm sure the next eight months are going to fly by!

So, I'm now planning what to do and where I may end up afterwards. I have just completed my TEFL qualification so teaching English in Ecuador for some months is on the cards following my graduation next July. But as for the long term, we shall see! I'd love to put Anthropology, writing, and my skills acquired through my placements in both Ecuador and Bolivia into practice. I will continue my work with The Small Things non-profit organisation to keep my connection with the children of Nkoaranga Orphanage.

South America is definitely where I would like to be. Maybe a human rights organisation? (But I will always hold onto my dream destination - Papua New Guinea - as somewhere I will visit one day!)

Any ideas or suggestions?