A selection of photos that sum up my most recent trip to Ecuador (19th December 2013 - 16th March 2014).

Christmas in the city.

Playing musical chairs on New Years Eve in the community! I won a bar of soap to wash the clothes and a bag of sweets :)

Hilarious guys on New Years Eve! 

I finally got a decent view of a snake! It was at the house trying to get the chickens, and turned into a very Tarzan like moment as Elder took charge and killed it. 

Birthday celebrations for Elder's Auntie. It is tradition to push their faces into the cake! 

Attempting to face my fear of heights....

Preparing one of my favorite foods in the jungle, maito. Fish cooked in leaves over the fire. 

Waiting (impatiently!) for the maito to cook!

A lovely weekend away in the Cloud Forest, where we visited a great butterfly farm.

We were diverted back by the police due to the explosion of Volcan Tungurahua, as we tried to get back to Puyo for the weekend for Elder's birthday.

Scary times as Volcan Tungurahua erupted and remained active for some time.

Valentine's Day! (A day late, as Elder was so hungover on 14th!)

Elder and I became Godparents to his cousin. A lovely, unexpected moment!

Fun times celebrating carnival! Extremely messy, with flour, motor oil, water, beer and tomatoes!

Loved carnival!

A fantastic few months with this amazing family. 

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